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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

SOCIALIZATION Oct 22, 2012 3 Aspects of Socialization 1. Structure and process of sociocultural influence on attitudes/behavior of individual a. (social institutions: family, school, subcultures...) 2. Ways individuals affects agents of socialization a. (parents, teachers, brothers/sisters) 3. Ways learning roles take place Social Experience: Key to Our Humanity - Critical importance of social contact to become a human being - Without social experience personality doesn't develop - Nature/Nurture  social environment affects genes Social Isolation - Impact on Rhesus monkeys - Harlows' experiments 1962  6 months complete isolation - disturb development - Impact on children - Anna (5 years isolation)and Genie (rescued @13 - mental development of 1 y/o) - Intensive habitation effort - only capable of approximating normal life Theories to understand human development Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) - developed theory of psychoanalysis - Basic human needs (or drives)  Eros (bonding - life instinct)  Thanatos (aggressive - death instinct)  These are opposing forces that operate on unconscious level - Personality model (combined needs of self & society)  Id: basic drives (instinct, body, unconscious drives)  Ego: strives for balance (thought, mind, conscious motives)  Super Ego: culture within our conscience, morality Jean Piaget - Cognitive Development: - How people think and understand - Stages of development:  Sensorimotor  (0-2 yrs)sensory contact of world - everything in the mouth  Preoperational  (2-7 yrs) Language acquisition (no abstractions)  Concrete Operational  (7 - 11 yrs) Causal reasoning  Formal Operational  (12 yrs on) Abstract, critical thinking Lawrence Kohlberd - Moral Development: How we judge something as right or wrong  Stages  Preconventional  Children experience world as pain or pleasure  Right
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