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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

SOCIALIZATION: Resocialization Oct 29, 2012 Anticipatory Socialization - "Rehearse" for future positions, occupations, social relatipnships Resocialization - Discard former patterns of behavior and belief - Accept new ones - Deliberate efforts to form new identity o Manipulate environment o I.e. bootcamp for training US Marines Total Institutions - Setting: people isolated from rest of society - Manipulated by administrative staff o e.g. military, convents, mental hospitals - Regulate all aspects of person's life - Under single authority 2 Part Process 1) Staff strip away established identity - Include experiences of humiliation, degradation and "mortification rituals" 2) Reconstitute new sense of self - New way of life and identity systematically imposed on individual - Manipulate behavior through system of rewards and punishments Due to stress and ambiguity created by processes of humiliation - individuals in "childli ke condition" - Easier for conversion to take place Institutionalized personality - Over long period, a rigidly controlled environment can destroy person's ability t o deal with "outside world" Erving Goffman: Asylums: Essays on the Social Situation of Mental Patients and Other I nmants (1961) - General characteristics of total institutions - 5 groupings: Institutions for... ○ Persons felt to be incapable and harmless  (eg. blind, aged, or orphaned) ○ Persons incapable of looking after themselves and threat to community (unintended threat)  (eg. mental hospitals, leprosaria)
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