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Gender Differences

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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

Nov 26 Gender Differences Sex: - Biological definition - XX chromosomes & extrogen for female - XY chromosomes & testosterone for males Gender: - Social construct - Based in part on definitions of femininity & masculinity - Norms & expectations encouraging "sex-appropriate" behavior Gender Identity - Perception of oneself as male or female Gender Order: - Macro-level concept -- social structure - Includes: gendered norms, roles & ideology - Together make social life gendered - Direction how males and females SHOULD act Gender Advertisements (1976) - Erving Goffman - 1970s: 2nd wave feminism Goffman - In social or public situations, even most minute behaviors have meanings - Gesture - expression - posture o Revel not only how we feel about ourselves o Entire arrangement -- a scene embodies cultural values - What human nature of males & females really consists of: o Capacity to learn to provide & read depictions of masculinity & femininity o Willingness to adhere to schedule for presenting these pictures o Have capacity by being persons - not gendered persons  This is because we are always being socialized -- we are socialized into gende r "One might say there is no gender identity, only a
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