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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

Jan 9/12 Deviance Social Control: attempts by Society to regulate people's thoughts and behavior Deviance - Recognized violation of cultural norms - Norms: o Rules/expectations - sanctions attached - Types of norms: o Folkways o Mores o Laws: criminal justice system Social Foundations of Deviance - What is deviant in one society may be normal in another - People become deviant as others define them that way - Deviance always about power - power to define an act as deviant or not - Deviance created through social control (reactions to behaviors) -- not a characteristic of behaviors Crime - Special case of deviance - Crime is the social norms formalized in criminal law Keys to Explaining Deviance - Understand political processes & power relations that create definitions of deviance - Determine who the definitions are applied to - Determine consequences for those defined as deviant Functionalist Theories Durkheim: - Deviance is necessary and good - It affirms cultural values and norms - Clarifies moral boundaries - Promotes unity -- brings people together - It encourages social change Merton's Strain Theory - Discrepancy between means and ends - Innovation: people may be innovative and use crime to achieve their wealth (ends) - Conformity: many people try to achieve the wealth by working hard (socially acceptable means) - Ritualism: people recognize that they cannot become wealthy so they settle for a lower level goal - Retreatism: when people disregard achieving wealth and the lower level goal - Rebellion: one rebels against the em
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