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When the Levees Broke notes

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University of British Columbia
SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

Jan 21, 2013 When the Levees Broke (documentary) - "Collective will" - foresight that is implemented by gov't to prevent disaster - How is Hurricane Katrina a political disaster over a natural disaster? o Look for political decisions (or lack thereof) affecting the situation (such as the mandatory evacuation being implemented but many in the city do not have a means to leave) - Mayor hesitant about declaring mandatory evacuation because businesses relying on tourism would suffer - If you could withstand a hurricane, you were tough (in historical standards) o I.e. “I survived the last hurricane and I can survive the next” - Many people had no means of transportation so people went to the Superdome (built to withstand a level 3 hurricane; Katrina was a level 5) o Also many homeless - Flood in 1965: dynamite was used to flood the poorer parts of New Orleans to protect the wealthier parts from the flood o Many people in the Lower 9th Ward believed they were dynamited during Katrina too - Hurricane Pam (a computer simulated level 5 hurricane hitting New Orleans) and its research was ignored by officials (Research done by FEMA) o They knew that 130,000 people who did not have means for transportation - No plan in general:
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