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SOCI 100
Chris Mac Kenzie

Lecture Sept 16Tuesday September 16 2014603 PMIt is the relationship between peoples interactions with one another and their social environment structures which is the proper subject matter for sociologyEconomicmodern capitalism comes inIndustrial Technology more goods faster than at any time in historyUrban Growth high density housinghighrise apartments how do you move all these people roads to be built Food City people dont farm how do you get people to get alongSocial pathologies child abuse truancy substances abuseWhy do people from the country that have done nothing wrong go to the city and start committing crimesPoltical change monarchy bloodline faith Does bloodline make them fit to rule Is it legitimate Is that the best way to run a society Religion organizing a society based on just faith Proof evidence concreteRights you need a good reason to exclude someoneIf no free speech no change in society freedom of opinion tied with a working democratic societySociology emerged because the time was rightSociology was from the outset a way to understand evaluate and prescribeTheologicalmilitary religion orstrong military presence ie Walking around the streets with guns and knivesMetaphysicaljudicial is it science or is it religion Metaphysical Judical rise of modern government legitimate rule of parliamentScientific industrial science has won over religion our norms beliefs come from a scientific perspective proof Economy down pathologies upSocial StaticsStudy of social structures its elemts and their relationsSocial DynamicsThe study of social progress and changeEmile Durkheim Why do people take their own lives People questionedwhy did he choose such an intimately subjectOptimist used sociology to understand modern societySuicide Rates followed these patternsHigher RatesMen tend to supress feelingsProtestants more one on one independentWealthy they have so much more to lose but is it tougher being rich or poorEducated more education you get broader world perception moral viewsSingleLower RatesWomen tend to talk more about their feelings have more responsibilities Catholics sense of communityPoorLess EducatedMarriedHigher suicide rates experiencing what he called anomie a sincere deep disconnect from society dont feel like fit in hopelessness Over 50 of canadian youth suicides and attempted suicides are from gay or lesbian youth Lack of connection how we structured societyThose with lower suicide rates have more connection to their society Karl Marx 18181883Political economist Cant categorize himWhen people worked in factories they were being exploited Bad jobs but no profit from the companyNot an optimistMax Weber 18641920Trapped no way out among other things we get into a job it now becomes a routine why cant I quit my job Because Im ina consumer society need money to pay off debts need money to pay for thingsSociologists dont use the term personality they use the term self suggests that who you are is an exclusive individual thingThe term self sociologists are trying to emphasize that who you are is a social product and a social dynamicThe self is only that which it is in the process of becoming Soren KierkegaardWe think we stop learning stop growing passive about it committing crimes I would neverdo anything like thatIt was not the apples that were rotten in the barrel The barrel was rotten Phillip ZimbardoCharles Darwin humans are naturally competitive the guys a born criminal women are more emotionalA predisposition does not manifest itself unless it has the right environment ex good musician no pianono instrument cant play
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