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Lecture 4

SOCI 102 Lecture 4: SOCI – APRIL 7

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University of British Columbia
SOCI 102
Catherine Corrigall- Brown

SOCI – APRIL 7 Pop Culture: widespread cultural patterns in a society  Fashion clothes, hair  Music  Film/fv  Web  Food  Language use “Spam” “I’ll Facebook you”  major communications “Google it”  shows the power of our internet generation What are 3 words to describe pop culture  Consumer  Trendy  Mass  Artificial  Technological  Fear  Materialistic  Temporary  Quantity not quality  Homogenous  Hyper  (authentic)  (genuine)  (original)  (challenging)  (risk) Each generation, typically driven by youth culture is defined by the pop culture it created/embraces To have a society which values consumerism and celebrity culture what does a society need to be?  Money  Time Pop culture emerged at a time when there was a growth in   Affluence  Leisure  Middle Class Conspicuous consumption: Showing off your status + success through buying things  Thorsten Veblen (1912) The jazz age (1920s) Concerned for the young women going off the rails  Is she going to corrupt the youth  Going from an it girl to a rebel girl  Mass consumption  How it generally shaped society Consumerism (consumer culture) has always been at the center of pop culture Soon, you could simply buy your image – whether or not you actually had that status/success/membership TODAY’S POP CULTURE  Hyper  accelerated pop culture  Loss of authenticity  bc of the qua
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