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Lecture 27

SOCI 102 Lecture 27: rumor

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SOCI 102
Catherine Corrigall- Brown

 rumor: information for which there is no discernible source and which is usually unfounded, unverified information that is passed form one person to the next o rumors function to fill in missing parts o rumors deal with a subject that is important to an individual o replace ambiguity with some form of certainty o they are attributed to a creditable source  fad: novel form of behavior that briefly catches people’s attention o object fads – hula hoops, beanie babies o activity fads – bungee jumping, tattooing o idea fads – astrology o personality fads – princess Dianna o fashion: when a fad lasts  Urban legends: stories with an ironic twist that sound realistic but are false o Their moral serves as a warning o Each story is related to social change o Calculated to instill guilt and fear SOCIAL MOVEMENTS Social movements: consists of large number of people who organize to promote or resist social change, they have strong ideas about what is wrong with the world and how to make things right  Proactive social movement: current condition of society is intolerable, and their goal is to promote social change  Reactive social movement: feel threatened bc some condition of society is changing, and they organize to resit change  Social movement organization: those whose goal is to promote social change develop such organizations Types of social movements Partial Total Individual  Alternative social  Redemptive social movements: seek movements: also only to alter some target individuals, aim particular behaviors for total change of people  Religious movement  Mothers against that stresses drunk driving conversion Society  Reformative social  Transformative social movements: seek to movements: seek to reform some specific transform the social aspect of society order itself and to  Environmental replace it with a new movement  reforms version of the good society
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