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Lecture 24

SOCI 102 Lecture 24: IN SUM

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SOCI 102
Catherine Corrigall- Brown

IN SUM  conclude that much street crime is the consequence of socializing the lower social classes into equating success with material possessions, while denying them the means to attain that success  people from higher social classes are exposed to opportunities to commit fraud or embezzlement or to do nothing even when they know that intervention could saves lives and property The conflict perspective  criminal justice system: police, courts, and prisons that deal with people who are accused of having committed crimes The law as an instrument of oppression  tool designed to maintain the powerful in their privileged position  bc the working class holds the potential to rebel and overthrow the current social order, when its members get out of one they are arrestee, tried and imprisoned  wealthy property holders, on the other hand, are punished much less severely  conflict theory and social control o stress that every society is dominated by a group of elite, powerful people and that the basic purpose of social control is to maintain the current power arrangements o violations of the capitalist class cannot be ignored totally, however, for if they become too outrageous or oppressive, the working class ma rise up and revolt o note that an elite group behind the scenes to control the federal government by making certain that the group’s interest are represented in Cabinet The trouble with official statistics  working class boys clearly emerge as much more delinquent than middle-class boys  property crimes of young offenders from the lower classes are handled by courts that do have the power to imprison  burglary, armed robbery and theft by the poor and their children not only threaten the sanity of private property but ultimately the positions of the powerful IN SUM  small penalties imposed from crimes committed by the powerful are typical of legal system designed to mask
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