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University of British Columbia
SOCI 200

January 14, 2014 – Inequality: Race and Ethnicity Polite Racism - Won’t talk about racism publicly - talk about it to friends, say it to myself, etc. - Goes underground Racism - was considered a natural order that whites were better than blacks - based on old customs and traditions - “That’s how it’s always been, it’s natural” - in restaurants, if the name included white in it, understanding from customers that the restaurant had no cooks who were coloured - happened in Canada and Vancouver from the 30s-60s when many immigrants (Chinese and Indians came and were seeking jobs as fast food cooks - people didn’t want to eat food made from coloured cooks, example of racism not being public but underground - if you want to create social change, things have to be done - have to generate awareness - “poking the bear with a stick” - Ex. Freedom Riders Roots of Prejudice - Scapegoat Theory - prevalent race wants to blame someone when things go wrong (unemployment rate goes up, crime rate goes up, etc.) - scapegoat is always the person without social/economic power (immigrants, or those that have been historically marginalized) - always going to blame people who don’t look like “us” - Personality - authoritarian personalities in position of power correla
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