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University of British Columbia
SOCI 200

Inequality: Race and Ethnicity - |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| comment HATE - race and ethnicity is the aspect of inequality that we have been working on the most What’s the Difference between Race and Ethnicity? - Race: a group who share biological features that members of a society deem socially significant - the most salient feature of race that we identify is skin colour - the features that we choose are chosen as social determinants - ex. we decide that hair colour doesn’t matter but skin colour does - ascribed features What’s the Difference between Race and Ethnicity? - Ethnicity: a shared cultural heritage - similar religions, likes and dislikes, etc. - achieved traits - Race and ethnicity go hand in hand because there is a relationship between how we look and our cultural background - problem is that we see our ethnicity as fixed - ethnicity and culture is always linked to our race and how we look  fail to see is that where were from, culture, beliefs is based on how we are brought up Racism - every country is racist - allow for limit to access of resources based on race Characteristics of Ethnic Groups: - unique cultural traits - a sense of community - seek out people with similar backgrounds - a sense of ethnocentrism - ethnocentrism  look at the world based on my ethnic background - ethnocentrism u
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