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University of British Columbia
SOCI 200

Feb 4 , 2014- Healthcare in Canada Politics and Health - Should people be able to pay for health services they need or want? - health care is a commodity, but it is also a human right Politics and Health - Should all people have access to all health services available? - Yes, how do you pay for this? - No, who should get what? - What services should all people have access to? - Should health care be based on a profit model? - commodities in a marketplace are generally able to be sold for what the market will bear (supply and demand), should this be done in regards to health care? Universal Access to Health Care - public healthcare - Canadians are most proud of their universal health care - In 1988, only 5% felt the system of healthcare needed changing or was having a problem - in 2005, 20% felt major changes were needed and 26% felt access had gotten worse - today, ~30% feel major changes are needed and ~50% felt access had gotten worse - Universal Health Care - a healthcare system in which all citizens receive medical services paid for through taxation revenues - Full healthcare in Canada only since 1972 - 1958, legislation passed to provide universal hospital insurance, but not doctor’s fees - before this, healthcare was literally a commodity that was bought - in 1961, concern over health care led to the royal commission on health services - in 1962, Saskatchewan implemented a full healthcare system without federal help - by 1972, rest of Canadian provinces (Newfoundland was last) and federal government implemented a full healthcare system The Laws Covering Universal Access Are Based on 5 Principles - Universality - regardless of age, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic status, everyone is entitled to receive comprehensive healthc
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