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Chapter 3

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SOCI 200
Catherine Ortner

PART A BACKGROUND I INTRODUCTION TO ADMINISTRATIVE LAW1 Definition2 The Players Their Roles and Their Limitsa The Players in Administrative Lawi Generalii The Executive PMPremierCabinet Ministersiii MinistryDepartment Employeesiv Tribunals Agencies Crown Corporationsv Other Levels of Governmentvi Othersb RolesFunctions of the PlayersiLegislative or RuleMaking Authorityii Discretionary Authority iii Adjudicative Authorityc Legal Limits on the Playersi Constitutional Lawii Administrative Law3 Enforcing the Limits Recourse When Authorities are Bad4 The Outer Margins of Administrative LawII CONSTITUTIONAL FOUNDATIONS OF ADMINISTRATIVE LAW1 Introduction2 Division of Powers3 Implied Bill of Rights And Other Unwritten Constitutional Limits4 Charter of Rights and Freedomsa Charter Limitsb Charter Application15 Sections 96101 Constitution Act 1867a Introduction The Issueb The Legal Testi Was the function performed by a s96 court in 1867ii Is the function currently performed in a judicial manneriii Is the function being carried out in a different institutional setting than it was under the s96 courtsc The Cored The Core and the Role of the Federal GovernmentPART B SUBSTANTIVE REVIEWI INTRODUCTIONII JURISDICTION1 Introduction2 Jurisdiction Arguments Relating to Legislative AuthorityFunctiona IntroductionbConstitutional Limits on Delegated Legislative AuthoritycNonConstitutional Limits on Delegated Legislative Authorityi Express Grant of Powerii Conforming to the Express Grant of Powerd A Note re Judicial Deference3 Jurisdiction Arguments Relating to Adjudicative AuthorityFunctiona Introductionb Key ConceptsiStatutory Appeal vs Judicial ReviewiiPrivative clauseiii Judicial Deferenceiv Standard of Reviewc Standard of Reviewi Correctnessii Patent Unreasonablenessiii Unreasonablenessiv Factors Determining What Standard Will Applyv Conclusion2
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