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University of British Columbia
SOCI 201
David Ryniker

Unionist govt in Belfast takes a heavy handed approach - Increase RUC powers to detain w/o charge - Internment becomes a “way of life” for many catholic men th Jan 30 1972: - Catholic civil rights march in derry - BLOODY SUNDAY Transnationalism - Violence escalates between catholic and protestant, including bombings and riots - March 1972 london suspends home rule in N.I and begins direct rule - ‘THE TROUBLES’ usually regarded as beginning at this point NEW BEGINNINGS ANGLO-IRISH AGREEMENT - 1985 hillborough accord - Protestants lost control. Not happy - Bypasses Belfast and irish act of 1949 - grants Dublin a “consultative role” in the resolution of N.I situation - protestants regard this as betrayal - London refuses to back down - Violence continues from all sides THE END IN SIGHT ceasefires - August 1994 OIRA and Provos announces a unilateral ceasefire (under pressure from US politicians who threaten to interdict shipments of arms and money) - Oct 1994 protestant paramilitary group bombs Sin Fein HQ - Main protestant paramilitaries join ceasefire on October 13 th GOOD FRIDAY ACCORDS 1998 - Chief negotiator is a former US senator Geor
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