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Lecture 6

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University of British Columbia
SOCI 217
Amin Ghaziani

[QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHOD] QUALITATIVE QUANTITATIVE [SIMILARITY] - Empiricism and logic - Reductionist [DIFFERENCE] [DIFFERENCE] - Words - Numbers - Few aspects - Many aspects - Inductive (theory-building) - Deductive (theory-testing) - More valid - More reliable [8 TYPES OF QUALITATIVE RESEARCH STUDIES] 1) Ethnography  Holistic description of what is shared. A bit similar to ethnology but ethnography doesn’t involve comparison. It studies in depth about the culture itself 2) Institutional ethnography  How power works in an organization 3) Ethnology  Comparison of culture 4) Case study  In-depth study of a single thing 5) Grounded theory  Deliberate efforts to generate theory 6) Symbolic interaction  Meanings lie in interaction 7) Ethnomethodology  Break implicit rules to identify norm e.g. how people are related  Investigate aspects taken for granted by society/norms/common-sense 8) Participatory action research (PAR)  Let research subjects have control  Researchers cant assume that they know more than the subjects [3 BASIC TOOLS OF DATA COLLECTION FOR QUALITATIVE STUDIES] 1) Watching (4) - Complete Participant: going native, identity
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