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SOCI 217
Amin Ghaziani

SOCI W11 Hypothesis Testing - Factors to consider: 1) Amount of evidence needed  statistic 2) Significance of the evidence  critical value 3) Coincidence or not coincidence  p-value  E.g: p < 0.05 versus p < 0.01  Means: 5% chance or less that the results due to chance versus 1% chance that the results are due to chance  The former is weaker than the latter Chi-Square Tests: - to know whether or not exists relationship between the variables being tested - to compare whether the data is random (theoretical frequencies) with the data obtained through observation (observed frequencies) - the tests can use one sample or multiple sample - Information needed when calculating chi-square: 1) identify null or research hypotheses 2) calculate what should happen if there’s no pattern 3) compare this with the actual values 4) determine the significance of the statistic  Find the p-value  Identify whether it is p < c.v or p > c.v  Identify the degree of freedom 5) accept or reject the null hypotheses QUALITATIVE CONTENT ANALYSIS - Goals: to describe the content of a message  Usually interested in analyzing political images i.e political cartoons Classification of Documents - Witnessing the event: primary, secondary, tertiary - Accessibility of documents: Private versus public document - Why was the document produced?: solicited and unsolicited documents  Whether the document was produced for public (intentional) or private (unintentional) purposes Keywords and Meanings - Keywords: become keywords when they: 1) categorize, 2) classify, 3) condense - the keywords have meanings when: They are socially shared  the word used has meaning to anyone in certain profession e.g publisher perish  this word has a meaning to professors who can’t produce any more papers. Characteristics of meanings that are socially shared: 1) Emotive strength: people give reaction when they hear it 2) Diversity: the word elicits association with other words  publisher perish can mean professor in academic realm, progress finding, diversity in knowledge etc - Keywords can be detected by using method of: Coding Schemes or Frame Analys
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