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University of British Columbia
SOCI 310
Rima Wilkes

SOCI 310 September 22, 2010 Discussion Was this written in French, and was something lost in translation? No-condescending tone was in French as well Not very many immigrants in the town 1. -promoting democracy in an undemocratic way -maybe had lots of immigrants, but then didn’t know what to do with them, and made this -a tactic to avoid their past existence-ie. If they came from an undemocratic, unstable nation, then basically this act is saying, if you live like this, you’re guaranteed a safe, comfortable life (which has some truth in it) 2. -Quebec is more nationalistic -but Quebec was discriminated against themselves by the English Speaking -However, because in smaller town they don’t really have English speakers there -Maybe not a Quebec problem, but a small-town problem What is this about? What is the motivation for this? • fear and targeting specific group • big cultural differences • big difference in terms of rights • directed at Muslims some areas where women have less rights, some areas where they have more rights • • ie. Children automatically get mothers last name, arranged marriages (a good thing, don’t have to deal with ups and downs with dating) Media Reports a Quebec Problem • fear of a lost identity in Quebec • more fear of Islam in Quebec, bc much more connected to France -in France, huge concern and fear about Muslim population- anti-immigration sentiment • in Canada, after 9/11, not a good place to be Muslim-lots of propaganda attacks at Muslims Rights of Canadians (of Muslim backgroun
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