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SOCI 310
Rima Wilkes

SOCI 310 – Week 2 (Jan 7) Lecture 2 (Jan 7) Image of Indigenous people vs Canada  Here indeed are the symbols of Canada‟s glorious past. A Mountie, resplendent in his famed scarlet greets Chief Sitting Eagle, one of Canada‟s most colorful Indians  Helping narrative within the Canadian Nation Infantilizing – when someone in a higher position looks down into other people such as infants or „women‟, „sex workers‟ etc Discourse – an concept that we could draw meanings from it, meanings attached to words/ themes Emerging Nation-Building Discourses: 1. Image of re-conciliation and equality – part of the larger national mythology of Canadian identity of the „Benevolent Mountie‟ 2. Signifies the glorious expansion of the nation and yet the subjugation of Indigenous peoples… gentleness as a form of British superiority 3. This image produces a representation of the states as the Mountie and a representation of minority culture – colonizer or and colonized – in a friendly, peaceful and collaborative way Jeanette Armstrong – 1999: 143-4 Introduction by S. Razack  Explores how place becomes race through the law – Indian Act  How spaces are organized to sustain unequal social relations and how these relations shapes spaces -> reproduces racial hierarchies  Will examine the spatial and legal practices required in the making and maintaining of a white settler society White-Settler Society  A White settler society is one established by Europeans on non-European soil o Origin lies in the dispossession and near extermination of Indigenous populations by the conquering Europeans  As it evolves, a while settler society continues to be structured by a racial hierarchy o In the national mythologies of such societies, it is believed that white people came first and that it is who principally developed the land  Becoming the original inhabitants and the groups most entitled to the fruits of citizenship  A quintessential feature of white settler mythologies is, the disavowal of conquest, genocide, slavery and the exploitation of the labour of peoples of color (1-2) SOCI 310 – Week 2 (Jan 7) Mythologies or National Stories  Are about a nations origins and history  They enable citizens to think of themselves as part of a community defining who belongs and who does not belong to the nation  The land as shared and as developed by enterprising settlers is manifestly a racial story -> solidifies Europeans as entitled to the land, a claim codified in law  Through claims to reciprocity and equality, the story produces European settlers as the bearers of civilization while simultaneously trapping Indigenous people in the pre-modern, that is, before civilization has occurred Terra nullius  Empty uninhabited lands  Already inhabited nations “were simply legally deemed to be uninhibited if the people were not Christian, not agricultural, not commercial…. In Canada, this is the story of the „empty land‟ developed by hardy and enterprising Europeans settlers  „True North Strong and Free‟  European hardy settlers: qualities of independence, self-reliance o Considered to give birth to a greater commitment to liberty and democracy National Anxieties: The land, once empty and later populated by hardy settlers, is now besieged and croweded by Third World refugees and
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