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SOCI 310
Jade Boyd

Soci 310Feb 13 2014 Womens bodies have long been the site of legal and medical interventionAbortion rights1988 The Supreme court of Canada struck down the criminalization of abortion as a violation of a womans right to security of the person under the Charter of Rights and Freedomsbefore only legal when the health of a mom was issuewasnt a womans right but a legal matterabortiondecriminalized access to abortion varies throughout regions rual areas PEI about 20 of hospitals in hospitals have abortionsnot accessible to everyonestrong movement to make abortion easyconsiderable amount of private member bills since 1987precarious right decisions beyond womens bodies have impact what point is a fetus a personnotAntiabortion movementprivate members billsmarch 2013 motion 312when a fetus becomes a person under lawdiscussion reframed from moralreligious to one of legal protection or human rightsDouble standards of morality and reproductive regulationexpectations with women being maternalistic punished if they do not follow these normseg Jon and Kate 8compulsory sterilization in CanadaAlberta 19281972 sexual sterilization actBC 19331973 sexual sterilization actontario 19301938 the eugenics society of CanadaEscviolence against womenhalf of all women have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16about 80 of sex trafcking victims in Canada are women and girlsIn 2010 the rate of imtimate partner homicide commited against females increased by 19victim now less likely to report an incident to policeViolence against womenas of 2010 there were 582 known cases of missing or murdered aboriginal women in canadaAboriginal women are 35 times more likely to experience violence than nonaboriginal womenviolence against women is rooted in the belief that women deserve less social power and it is thereforacceptable maybe even necessary to exert power over themthis mindset also drives many other forms of violence such as racismhomophobia classism ageism and religious persecutionimmigration laws colonialism individual violence must be considered alongside historical and ongoing colonial vioolence against women rst nations peoplea dn people living in povertySoci 310The murder of pamela george 1995Razack argues pamela george poverty sex and crimeconsidered rightful state of crime by state and murderers by the space she occupies morality deviant sexualty criminalitypointed as less than human as an object rather than a mother of 2aboriginal woman who needs to support herselfno record of rst nations ppl in nfdall these things lead up to point of murder considering these types of violence in contextmasking of violence serve to diminish legal responsibility and copability of two young boys who murdered hercolonial violence enabled settlers to secure the land and also to come to know themselves as entitled to it p129naturalness of white innocence and aboriginal degeneracyintersections of race class sexand gender to dehumanize pamela george as a victim and support violence that perpetuated against her by fenders and in the lawovercriminalization of aboringal womenFeb 25 2014Drugs and social problemssocial problems are social and cultural constructionssocial problems such as drugs are constructed through representation and claimsmakers or spokespeopleSociology of lawdrug categories and concepts of addiction are social political and culturalinstitutionally based claimsmakers shape law making and consequences of lawCentury of Drug Prohiibition1900srelianceon international treaties and criminal law to prevent production selling and use of some substances herion cocoa canadareliance on criminal lawproduced discrimination policing arrest prison as primary focusprohibition has failed to achieve its goalsto control and eliminate drug trade now globalto lower drug use ratesto lower addiction prohibitionnot rationalworsened health and well being by increasing prison rates discouraging effective countermeasures harm reduction and treatment to the spread of hiv and other harms related to illegal drug useincreased violation of huan rightsfails to make communities and individuals saferactually fuels drug trade violence instead of eliminating ituserssellings constructed as deviant lawless racialized other prior to prohibition opium and cocain usepersonal matter little sstigma not a criminal matter addiction weak willedprohibition is a fairly new policy
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