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SOCI 312
Carrie Yodanis

Sociology 312AGender Culture and BiologyObservation AssignmentDue ThursdayWrite about either males or females and their behaviourAs detailed as you need itSex and GenderSex the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women o Understood as male and female o Assigned at birthGender the sociology constructed roles behaviours activities and attributes that a given society considers what is right o Understood in terms of femininity and masculinity o Learned embodied and something that we doQuestions Who can do what What are the repercussions of thisFemininity Students thoughtsFeminists to be describes as strong hardworker dislike menEven the playing field while bringing themselves up to par with menIndividual hardwork should be the aspect of bringing someone to equalityWhat is FeminismHeavily contested termNOT a single way of thinkingGenerally refers to both an intellectual commitment and a political movement that seeks justice for women and the end of sexism in all formsTwo major claims o Women and men are entitled to equal rights pay respect treatment etc o Women are currently disadvantaged with the respect to rights and respect compared with menQuestions When will women finally be equal to men How do you know when you are equalReading 1X A Fabulous Childrens StoryNot very realisticMany negative consequences that were not touched onAuthoro Focused on womens liberations o Had a personal tragedy Husband died suddenly and she found a journal in code about his affairs
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