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Lecture 1

SOCI 350 Lecture 1: SOCI 350B-Lecture Notes

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SOCI 350
Erica Mc Collum

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SOCI 350B th September 11 2015 Overview Sociological Theory Backgroundtheoretical perspectives of Durkheim Rules of the sociological method social facts Sociological Theory WHAT Accounts of the world Sets of propositions generalizations that interpret explain reality Working explanations Relation between observation speculation Lenses WHY Based in systematic observations and thought Explanations subject to critique, falsification, modification Embedded in larger conversations projects of knowledge constructing Multiple understandings of what sociological theory entails Durkheim One of the founders of sociology France (18581917) Theoretical Perspective Collective>Individual Action guided by collective or cultural constraints Positivism Moral purpose of sociology , prescriptions for society Influential in functionalism, position, cultural society 1View of Society Society is Sui Generis more than the sum of its parts Exists prior to the individual instead of being created by autonomous actors Social facts Collective consciousness Collective representations Rules of the Sociological Method 1)What is Durkheim saying in this first paragraph? Need to be objective in order to understand society Can be thought throughinvestigated 2) what kind of vision for sociology is Durkheim pointing to? Social Facts Manners of acting, thinking, feeling that are external to the individual which are invested with a coercive power by virtue of which they exercise control over them Ex. habits of action (givern to us by society) Independent external existence (not independent on the individual) Coercive power constraints that assert themselves when people try to resist them th September 14 2015 Durkheim Overview Review of Social facts Social facts and the methods of sociology Division of Labour in Society Types of social solidarity Measuring social solidarity Mechanical social solidarity It is a condition of the geroup repeated in individuals because it imposes itself upon them. It is in each part because is in the whole, but far from being in the whole because it is in the parts An outburst of collective emotion in a gathering does not merely express the sum total of what individual feelings share in common, but is something of a very different order.. if all hearts beat in unison, that is not oSocial facts act on the individual not so much the other way around (p. 208) oSocial factsrefracted through individuals in different ways oValues and norms that people are enacting 2
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