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Lecture 14

SOCI 364 Lecture 14: L14

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SOCI 364

Final exam alternate: Final Exam: MC and Short Essay Paper Option: o Drawing both from the readings for the course, and from outside readings, make a sociologically informed case for how you think we should define a minimum housing standard for Canada Concluding Suggestions: Building for diversity o Building around the house o Building over the house o Renovating the house Building for Justice o Building better set of legal rights o Building more inclusive and empowering government o Building better dams against too much rapid change Rent: How CAN policy influence the rental market? How might policymakers WANT to influence the rental market o Boosting rental development (vs Curtailing) Developer tax incentives and financing programs Allow secondary suites o Preserving Existing Rental Housing (vs Developer) Development restrictions Tenancy preservation o Boosting Rental Affordability (vs Gentrifying) Rent supplements(landlords) and allowances(tenants) Rent Control o Boosting Rental Security and Quality (vs Landlord Rights) Enforeceable bylaws and codes Grants(tied to low rent) Homefreesociology.wordpress.com20160225Vancouversdetachablehousingmarkets Housing Policy: Structuring markets o For homeownershipmortgage finance(Sheltering capital to shelter people) o For rental contracts(sheltering contracts to shelter people) Supplementing and Working outside markets o Public Housing vs Concentrating Poverty o Social Housing vs Benefitting Nonpoor
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