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Soci 369 - Week 8 Article Summary

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University of British Columbia
SOCI 369
Christopher Stephens

Week 8 SexPopular CultureWhats Your Denition of Dirty Baby Sex in Music Videos by AndsagerRoeAbstract As sexuality in music video becomes more intense and more frequent it re quires more attention by scholars This essay summarizes the ndings of two decades worth of research on music video most of which focuses on sexual and violent content in the videos In addition we suggest a typology of how sexuality is indicated and used by artistsespecially female artiststo de ne their images and attract audiencesmusic videos evolved in a kind of social Darwinism slow making survival of the sexiest the standard of commercial success in the music industry artists must strive to be increasingly more shocking to be noticed shocking for music videos often includes violence sex or both without the need to conform to television expectations artists can push the boundaries of sexuality with fewer negative ramications men dominate the world of music videos the fact that MTV targets adolescents in large part may explain why explicit sex is not more frequent men more likely to be dominant over women in music videos white females usually victims of aggression males likely to be perpetratorsblack males were often both aggressorsvictims music videos support gender rolesinequality men are dominant females are dependentsubmissive male artists tend to rule the video world both in terms of sheer airplaythe way in which women are portrayed within videos males prefer videos that disturb them females li
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