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Lecture 1

SOCI 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Scientific Revolution, Age Of Enlightenment, Consumerism

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SOCI 100
Chris Mac Kenzie

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The Age of the Hyper
-Urban Life
Personal Troubles Become Public Issues
Sociological imagination
-The ability to see the relationship between individual experiences and the larger
Patterns of social relations that are beyond our daily associations and lives
-Macro Sociologists
Patterns of intimate social relations that we engage in daily
-Micro Structures
-Everybody has different roles, we can jump into and out of roles, that’s what keeps
social structures alive.
-People generate and then perpetuate social structures through their interactions
-It is the relationship between people’s interactions with one another and their
social environment (structures) which is the proper subject matter for sociology
See the general in the particular and see the strange in the famililar
Time of our Lives
1750-1850 (Industrial and scientific revolutions
1850-1920 (Birth and Growth of the middle class)
1945-1970 (Fifties, Sixties and the baby boomers)
Our Revolution
Physical and Mechanical
Digital and Virtual
Heterogeneous to Homogenous
Private to Public
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