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Lecture 4

SOCI 350 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Asceticism

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SOCI 350
Bonar Buffam

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May, 29th 05/29/2013
The Unconscious
As a scientific humiliation of Man
Freud says the ego is not the ruler of its own house
The unconscious obeys its own grammar and logic
The unconscious thinks and talks, we are just not aware in our conscious mind
part of brain that can change how we feel but we have very little access to affect it. Idea of man
is the center of everything busted.
Darwin – second humiliation of man
The Pleasure Principle
The instinctual drives that demand immediate and painless gratification
Civilization demands cooperation between people to achieve certain aims
In order to enter civilization, into civilized forms of social action, we have to forego or delay in
that immediate gratification to participate in society
The Reality Principle
The precondition in entering into association with others specifically to secure our basic needs
Instinctual pleasures are given up for less satisfying pleasures that make social life possible
As people enter into civilization, domination of the reality principle. Instinctual domination
Transform our instinctual desires into socially approved pursuits
Take our disavowed desires and put it into something productive
Freud says these repressed instinctual desires we feel does not disappear, it resurfaces in different
forms. Always a return of these repressed instinctual desires
The two principles in constant conflict
The Instinctual Domination
Repression as Subjection
Drives: bodily demands on mental and psychical life
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Subjection is process in which a subject is created. Subordinated by power by internalizing
The process of subjection
Internalize the authority inhibiting the drive
As the reality principle comes to dominant and redirect the pleasure principle, as individual we come to
internalize the authority that is inhibiting our drives
Superego (over “I” – dictates how the ego should act)
Increase our sense of guilt or frustration
Even when we internalize this authority and start to regulate our behavior there is also an unconscious guilt
we feel for having to forego these desires
Submit the ego to aggressiveness meant for external authority
Civilization and Its Discontents
The malaise of modernity
Sex towards procreation
In the imposition of the civilized sexuality we have to forego different kinds of sex
Disorders arising from sexual repression
Potentially healthy and socially viable sex drives have transformed into culturally and socially useless
mental stimulus
Hysteria arises in women from repressed sexual desires
Prescribe sex to cure mental disorders
If we live in civilization, in order to fulfill our happiness why is there a generalized disease within him
Love and Civilization
Key process to which the relationship between the reality and pleasure principle is reproduced
One love related to our sexual desires, another form of love emerges to redirect our sexual desires
Love for other people, driving force of civilization
God with prosthetic limbs
Frankfurt Institute for Social research
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