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Lecture 3

VISA 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Conceptual Art

Visual Arts
Course Code
VISA 110
Christine D' Onofrio

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Concept Art-
Art that is intended to convey an idea or a concept to the perceiver, rejecting the creation or appreciation of
a traditional art object such as a painting or a sculpture as a precious commodity/object.
Conceptual art questions the very nature of art.
Conceptual Art strategies questioned the common assumption that the role of the artist was to create special
kinds of material objects. Instead, conceptual art wanted to create special kinds of thinking, thought, ideas
as art.
because the idea is a focus in conceptual art and out first project is a conceptual art piece. I would like you
to try it out by coming up with an idea and finding a way to execute it by creating a formula in which the
idea will render. For the most part this might be an action or inventory but you may also use the strategy of
the project to capture something more difficult. The choices you exercise in making the formula should be
the point--then you just follow your formula.
Painting/Conceptual Art=the novel/journalism
The idea should render the project--create a strategy out of an idea..something you want to record from the
The choices you make to create the formulate the point--then you just follow your formula to take your
photographs. If you are making choices or arbitrary decisions along the way you should question if your
formula is working and re-appraise. There is no maximum or minimum number of images, because we do
not want to limit the formula's to assignment rules. But how you frame your formula will amount to the
ambition and challenge you to take on in executing and this will result in a more or less interesting project.
Of course, there are many way this might work out in a strategy that will also effect how interesting the
project is.
What is important is that you have a formula.
Let the moment come to the camera.
Working not to exploit someone but to rather work to find another way to display the same concept.
Remember that photography's very nature is about an objectivity, a documentation of truth, use and
elaborate this aspect.
The project always starts with a good formula that tells you when to click the button, bus also has an
intriguing approach to the subject matter. This project also works best when it shows truthfulness, eliminate
all and any manipulation.
Project works best with consistency.
Be careful how you title it, and objective title balances towards being didactic not poetic, factual not
fanciful. Be careful about how you place text on the piece.
Try to have a set beginning and end.
A good idea, do not get caught up in beauty or feeling or your version, it is meant to mechanical and
Try to make it out of the norm, be creative, make art.
Trust your subject matter, no need to exaggerate or push it. Small everyday banal moments that you point
out in an interesting way can reveal thoughtful meaning.
Embrace it.
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