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Lecture 7

VISA 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Gaussian Blur, Raster Graphics, Drop Shadow

Visual Arts
Course Code
VISA 110
Christine D' Onofrio

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Raster' Images:' A"raster"image" is"an"organized" grid" of"pixels" that"make" an"image." Each"and" every" individual" pixel"
contains" specific" information," and" when" arranged" in"their" particular" order," it"creates" a"highly" detailed," photographic,"
image." Photoshop" works" with" raster"images
Contrast" of" saturation
Contrast" of" black" and" white
Contrast" of" color" (e.g." purple" and"yellow)
You" can"create"contrast with" 3"different" things
Basic" Photoshop" Tools
Important" to"remember" that"if"you" have" a"pixelated" image," and"you" would" like" to"sharpen" a"certain" point," you" should" instead" blur" out" everywhere" but" the"
point" to"make" it"look" like" your" point" is" sharpened
Clone& Stamp& Tool/Healing& Spot:" Think" of"it"as"a"tool" that"allows" your" pictures" to"be"cleaned" (e.g." if"you" have" a"face"with"blemishes," you"could" either" use the"
clone" stamp" tool/healing" tool" to"duplicate" a"particular" point" in"the"image" JJ>" use" it"for" correction)
Selection' Tools:" Blur/Sharpen/Smudge
Marquee'Tools:' To"select" a"certain" type" of" object," e.g." a"circle"or" a"rectangle" (press" and" hold" to"get"different" options)" JJ>"to"create"a"fixed" size" or"a"flexible" size," you"
can"alter"that"option" on"top" toolbar" that"appears
Lasso' Tools:' You" can"choose" between" polygonal/magnetic/quick" select," similar" concept" to"the"marquee" tools" but"give" you" greater"flexibility
Magic'Wand'Tools:'It"only" selects" all"of" ONE"color" (so" all"the"pixels" that"have" the" same" color)
Refine' Edge'(available" after"you" selected" your" selection):" Smoothens" your" selection," makes" it"more" refined," make" sure" you" play" with" the"tools" in" order" to"get"
ultimate" precision
Quick'Selection' Mask: Uses" color" to"distinguish" the"masked" area"and" the"nonJmasked" area"(e.g." the"nonJmaske d" area" may"be" highlighted" in" red)" JJ>" you" can" then"
use" the"brush" to"change" the"selection" (black" ="to"remove" part"of" the"selection," white" ="to"add" to"the"selection)
Adjustment' Layer:'You" can"alter"the"brightness/exposure/hue" and" saturation/levels" and" different" other" adjustment" layers" (to" link" adjustment" layers" to"layers" JJ>"
aka"to"apply" the"adjustment" only" on" the"layer," just" hold" down" alt)
Select" the"object" you" would" like" to"make" a"shadow" on" (via"quick" selection" tool" or" any" other" selection" tool" JJ>" make" sure" you" refine" the"edge)
Create" a"layer" mask" over" that"object
Double" click" on" the"layer" mask" layer," and" click" the"drop" shadow" effect" (on" the" rightJside" toolbar)." You" can"alter"the"details" according" to"the"drop" shadow"
To"make" a"shadow in" Photoshop:
Duplicate" the"masked" layer"(so" there" are"2"cutJouts" of" the"object)1.
Rasterize" the"duplicated" layer" and" then" freeJtransform" JJ>" distort2.
Distort/alter" the" grid"until" it"resembles" a"shadow" perspective3.
Then" add" color" fill" onto" the"duplicated" layer" (e.g." grey/light" grey/black" to"represent" the"shadow)4.
To"refine" it,"add" a"blur" filter" over" it"(recommended" to"use" Gaussian" blur" for" shadows)," then" you" can"add" a"gradient" color" fill" in"to"it"(from" dark"JJ>" light)." Refine"
it"to"make" it"look" as"realistic" as"possible
Photoshop'Tutorial' #1
Monday," 9"November," 2015
7:22" pm
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