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Viruses (200nm)  Structure o Consists of a core containing genetic material DNA or RNA o This is surrounded by a protective coat of protein called capsid (subunits: capsomeres) o The capsid is (sometimes) surrounded by an envelope of lipoprotein o Antigens, glycoproteins on its surface recognize receptors on T-lymphocytes  They cause damage by taking over the host cell for multiplication  Do not have a cellular structure / don't respire or need food  Transmitted via sexual contact; infected woman passing it to her baby through the placenta  Also by receiving blood from an infected person Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV  AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) o All T-helper cells infected (and destroyed) o Number of T lymphocytes decrease dramatically / sign for the disease o People highly susceptible to infections, diseases and cancer  Retrovirus: core contains reverse transcriptase and its genetic mate
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