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dietary requirements

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BIL 118
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Dietary Requirements  Food has two main functions which provide o Chemical P.E. (starting point) for respiration o Substances used in metabolism to produce/maintain cells and tissues Role Of Carbohydrates And Lipids In The Body Starch and Sugar Provide ≈80% of total chemical P.E. Breast-fed infants obtain ≈40% of their chemical P.E. from lactose Non-starch Control appetite polysaccharides Low levels in diet may cause appendicitis, cancer of (e.g. glycogen) colon, haemorrhoids, constipation Lipids Source of chemical P.E. Phospholipids are essential for plasma membranes Essential fatty acids are precursors of other important substances Simple Laboratory Techniques For Estimating Energy Content Of Different Foods  To determine the energy content of food (using a calorimeter) o A known mass of food is fully burnt o Under a boiling tube which is filled with a known volume of H2O o Increase in temp of the H2O is measured o ENERGY RELEASED = RISE IN TEMP OF H2O * VOLUME OF H2O * 4.2 o Experimental error due to incomplete combustion / heat loss  More accurate results by reduced heat loss o Water jacket → less loss of heat o Sample burnt in O2 allows
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