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environmental influences

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BIL 118
O' Sullivan

Table 5-14-1: The environment influences diversity Less Extreme/Harsh Environments Extreme Environments Higher diversity → more plant Lower diversity → less plant species → less species → more niches→ greater variety of niches → smaller variety of food → higher food → less competition for competition for resources →less food resources → more food available → less harshavailable → more harsh environment (abiotic) in environment (abiotic) in forest forest Stable ecosystem, if the population of one Unstable ecosystem, change in the population of species changes, alternative food sources are available one species affects populations of other species Biotic factor(s) dominate Abiotic factor(s) are extreme and dominate Many species have adaptations that allow Only a few species have adaptations that allow them tosurvive, including many producers them to survive Higher solar energy input gives more light for photosynthesis (and higher temperatures) Succession  Process in which different species make up a community over time  Autogenic succession: brought about by plants only  Allogenic succession: external factor (eg flooding) alters development of community  1° succession / succession where no living organi
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