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structure of egg

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O' Sullivan

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Structure of the Egg  0.1mm (100um) in diameter. Sperm's head is only 2.5um across  Haploid nucleus is surrounded by cytoplasm / with enzymes and organelles  Yolk droplets contain proteins and lipids  Outside plasma membrane is a glycoprotein coat called a jelly coat Acrosome Reaction and Penetration of the Oocyte Membrane  Acrosome reaction o Contact of jelly coat and sperm o Triggers Ca2+ to enter membrane of sperm o Causes acrosome to burst / releases enzymes / digest jelly coat  // enzymes: hyluronidase + acrosin o Sperm filament attaches to receptor on vitelline membrane o Sperm and egg plasma membranes fuse o Sperm nucleus enters egg, tail and middle piece remain outside  Depolarisation of membrane / blocks entry of more sperm  2° oocyte undergoes 2nd division of meiosis / produces ovum + second polar body  Nuclei (ovum + sperm) fuse forming a zygote Female Infertility  Pituitary gland fails to pro
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