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Lecture 6

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business management
MOS 1023B
Jeffery Jutai

Lecture #6: Website Creation Stages and Dreamweaver Concepts Website Development Stages Stage 1: Planning and Design Meeting with Client: • Be prepared • Do your homework • Learn about the business • Ask for brochures etc. • Ask questions and listen o Learn as much as you can  Who is the audience?  Company image?  Will the company focus change over a year?  Logos and graphic images  Check competitor sites  Web domain and web host  Menu options and content  Deadlines and maintainer Bad Design Features: • Too slow • Confusing navigation- different spots, scrolling • Difficulty reading screen • Ugly design- no color balance or white space • Broken links • Scrolling horizontally to see whole page width • Spelling mistakes • Stale content and useless information Good Design Features: • Speed- limit graphics- optimize • Easy to use • Navigation- continuity on every page, homepage links (3-click rule) • Consistent design- colors, buttons, layout • NEVER UNDERLINE (unless a link) • Webpage width should accommodate lower resolution 900x800 • Content is interesting and easy to read • Refresh material- update frequently • Avoid animation, blinking text, etx • Optimized for search engines • Spelling • KISS principle, consistency, balance, color Identify: • Homepage and number of pages • Menu- top or side • Dropdowns under the menu? • Color scheme • Banner- will menu be part of banner? 800 pixels wide (not too tall; max 150-200) • Sketch out on paper THINGS TO REMEMBER: -banner and menu in same place on every page -no scrolling horizontally -consistent color scheme -layout consistent on every page -long pages should have “back to top
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