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Lecture 6

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business management
MOS 1023B
Jeffery Jutai

Lecture #6B: Dreamweaver Communication Site Management: Organize files/folders, moving files, rearranging pages, and updating links very easy Document Window: area where you build you webpage (text, images, and other elements) • Site Panel (=File Panel) o Folder that you are currently working on o Gives filenames, path directory • Property Panel (=Property Inspector) o Characteristics of objects/text that you have inserted Creating a New Site: • Identify the folder where your website will be stored or where the files are already stored File Names: • Do not use spaces or capital letters in your files names and folders View Layouts in Dreamweaver: • Design View: shows the WYSIWYG view • Split: combo of both views (Design and Code) • Code View: shows your HTML code • Live View: realistic view of your webpage as a browser would see it without leaving DW workspace…not editable in this view Setting Page Title Property: • The Title text displays on first line (title bar) • Associates a general description of what webpage is all about o An identity • Each page must have a unique page title • Syntax- start with the site name, then hyphen and then page description Setting Text Properties: • HTML Formatting o Dreamweaver adds properties to the HTML code in the body of your page • CSS Formatting o Writes properties to the head of the documents Using Graphics in Dreamweaver: • Common universal image formats: .gif (clipart) .jpg (photo) .png (must have copyright to these images) • Use smaller sized graphics resize them in a graphics pkg • Optimize  colour resolution, compression will affect quality and size How Long to Download a Webpage? • BENCHMARK = 56K modem speed… max of 30-35 sec ImageAttributes: • Once image is inserted click on it and then you can control attributes through Prope
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