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Lecture 9

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business management
MOS 1023B
Jeffery Jutai

Lecture #9: Intro to Video • Video uses the power of motion and sound • Analog: smooth electronic waves (conventional TV) • Digital: each frame is a bitmapped graphic, stored as 0s and 1s Capturing the Video: • Analog Camcorder: o Electronic impulses are recorded o Must convert it to digital BEFORE we can put it on our computer to edit o To covert analog to digital we need a video capture card • Digital Video Camcorder: o Information is sent as 0s and 1s (no need for conversion) o Compression occurs inside the camera o DV25 is the most common DV compression Colour Compression in the Camera • For still images, RGB is used • For video, YUV (YIQ) or YCbCr o Y  luminance (brightness) o UV or CbCr  chrominance (color/hue) o Video compression worked on reducing color and keeping brightness • Color Sampling: o Compression technique for video o X:Y:Z  X is brightness and Y, Z is brightness o 4- no compression…0- max compression… 4:4:4- means no compression Video from Camcorder to Computer: • Firewire (i.Link, IEEE1394) o Ahigh-speed digital serial date connection o Common digital tape format (universal standard) • Firewire initiated byApple and the IEEE in the late 80s o Transmitted originally at 400Mbps (megabits per second) Firewire VS USB • Firewire 400 o Transmi
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