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Introduction and Journalistic History

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ENG 285
Chad Gibbs

Medium Smoke Oral: Pigeo Pre- Movabl Telegra Film Radio TV Cable/CNN Satellite/U Online Social Flags Runners/h ns printin e type ph Photos SA Today medi orse back g press to West Newsree a l Transmiss Instant Slow to get Speed Slow Faster, Instant Slow Instant Instant to Instant Newspaper Instant Insta ion Speed pt a to b, but still a pt (faster nt but voice slow than news instant can gate keep) Adv Easy to Personal/c Specif Lasts Speed Precise Woodcut Broadcast Emotion Location Colour More news make ould be ic longer (weekl s get ing Imagery Clearer coding Coded first hand More y news) reused Immediat Not Specificity accessi and e dependent Instant ble break response on feedback down- through weather (kind of) >brings phone specific Emotion imagery but with Emotion credibilit y Disadv Line of Details Morta Langua Legislat Morse Must be Need Early is Blur Expensive Apathy Small sight evolve l ge ed code develope receiver film between Fragmenta Headline er Vague Trust? Detail Literac Likely Control d/ edited News hole entertainm tion and driven Translat Mortal s y owned of Add (news is ent and diluted Fragmenta
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