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Chad Gibbs

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Ethical question: What happens if a new story involves one of your own? careful of bias be sensitive for family ask them how they would feel if story pursued other stations want your footage/copyrighted material give every station same footage other agencies don’t get to talk to newsroom staff if unsavoury details arise don’t report those or downplay them to retain news image community impact/public trust refuse requests from tabloid tv must ask how far you’re willing to go with a story that may impact station Leads how far do you go when reading a story? first paragraph? three? headline? Traditional Leads works straightforward very focused and short break it up 35 words to a paragraph this is most for a lead cut extraneous words active voice if you’re 5-6 paragraphs in and you haven’t found the lead it’s a problem single point lead maybe 2 3+ makes too complicated what’s most important consider 5Ws and pick most important for lead where and when done least unless place or time significant put it in context do you need background b/c it’s an update summarise in a sentence or two is there significant history? simple=better, but not over simplified labeli
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