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Political Coverage and the 1972 US Presidential Election

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ENG 285
Chad Gibbs

Political Coverage SourcesAccess is keyGet at them early they are thinking about running but havent announced they still need publicity In stage 2 they have press agents and campaign managers and are more controlled In stage three they are completely controlled as they are the candidate They speak in sound bites and reference note There is no spontaneity o Chief Executive who holds the real poweryou find out more about them when they arent in their official capacity but you have to be able to find them as they have many handlerso Councils legislators parliament struggle for more powerpolitics is an addiction like a guinea wormhave an agenda more likely to speakhave a voting record you can check o Other government officialsheads of other departments or smaller areasmay be appointed instead of elected o Boardsmay not have final say but are where things are discussedzoning and planning affects community this is what happens before stuff is done public often invited through announcements in newspaper o Former officials provide perspective retired or the one who lostthe understand how things runmay just want revenge interview because they lost o Power brokersunelected people manipulatorscampaign managersbig money to give follow the moneyhave all the tiesmay be lobbyists o gatekeepers o Community groupsdepends on issuepeople who sponsor a debatehibernate then spring into actionkeep in tough while hibernating because they are wired to the ppl with powerfind where they meet and listen to them talk Records and documentspaper trail from governmentmay be the best story especially when money and budgets are involvedlaws what is the status o how are they evolving and why o are there controversial laws o need to know the basics
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