the International Perspective on the Economy

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Political Studies
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POL 140
Dr.Heather Mc Keen- Edwards

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International Relations International Political Economy International Political EconomyA subfield of International Relations o It rejects the idea that politics and economics are separateWide range of topics under IPEBroken down into three main things o Trade finance currency markets and production labour consumptionInternational economy is not unique to the modern eraSome previous periods o Mercantilist period15001750 approximatelyIn EuropeStates believe that the economy and state relationships should and could be used to make the state more powerfulColonialism and imperialism get tied in want to export more than you import o Shift to a more open system of economies between the middle and late 1800sContinues up until WWI as an averageFree trade periodfirst era of globalization o Interwar Period1920s and 1930sA turn back towards a variation of mercantilismBretton Woods System o Emerges after WWII negotiated in July 1944 o Bretton Woods New Hampshire o 44 different states sent delegates to this conference o 3 years of preliminary discussions o 22 days later they had the outline of our current international system o DIFFERENT THAN THE UN o we dont ever want to do this again refer to world wars just like the League and the UN wanted o Liberal idea o Introduced a fixed exchange rate systemThe notion that there is a set exchange rateSet currencies at fixed values with each other
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