International Organizations in International Relations

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Political Studies
POL 140
Dr.Heather Mc Keen- Edwards

International Relations International OrganizationsInternational OrganizationsDefinition o Any institution with formal procedures and formal membership from three or more statesEX UN WTO IMF World Bank NATO ASEAN EU th Emerge in the late 19 centuryCurrently vary in power and centralization o Un is very centralized and structured where other organizations arent as structuredUnder what conditions will states create international institutions o RealistsOnly where relative position visvis other states isnt adversely affected o LiberalsFor mutual gains rationally calculated by states o ConstructivistInstitutions arise as a reflection of the identities an interests of states and groups which are themselves forged through interactionWhat impact do institutions have on international relations o RealistsFacilitate the coordination of policies and actions but only in so far as this doesnt alter the balance of power among states o LiberalsExpand the possible gains to be made from cooperation o ConstructivistReinforce particular patterns of interaction and reflect new ones United NationsEmerged after WWII1945Sand Francisco Conference51 original membersKey DocumentUN Charter o Sees its job as maintaining international peace and security
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