International Relations and the Globalizing World

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Bishop's University
Political Studies
POL 140
Dr.Heather Mc Keen- Edwards

International Relations IR in a Globalizing World  When the Cold war ended, there was widespread optimism that there would now be increased and sustained international cooperation.  It was hoped that there would be improved commitment to strengthening the role of international security, stability and development. However, the First Gulf War and the collapse of the Soviet Union were destabilizing for international relations.  The end of the Cold War and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 was an important dividing line between two eras: the bipolar international system characterized by ideological division between the two global superpowers and the post 1991 era, which has been characterized by increased cooperation and significant instability.  Informed by globalization, five key developments provided the context for post-Cold War international relations. 1) Globalization- significantly
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