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PBI 141
Dr.Andrea Drumheller

Evolutionary Psychology Evolution VI Aggression and WarfareAggressive tendencies evolved as solutions to adaptive problems Aggression as an Evolved Psychological MechanismAggression is evoked under those conditions that were similar to those experienced by our evolutionary ancestorsBut its purpose is to safeguard your status mates kin o Ex jealousyEvoked when there is a threat to a resource that we have Resources the value of resources is determined by their utility and rarity o Those that are essential and rare are hard to find and have a higher value o Territory and all that it implies food land water shelter o Access to high quality femalesand males makes them not only essential but rare resources Defence o Our evolutionary ancestors couldnt have been pacifistsResources were too limited in terms of food shelter territory and mates to be pacifisticLoss of resources could lead to loss of status mate and could result in deathAggressive tendencies can cause one to develop a reputation for retaliation which is sometimes sufficient to deter enemies from trying to take your resources Mate Retentiono Most aggressive acts today have to do with gaining and maintain access to a mate Costs vs Benefits of Aggression those who could best analyze this ration survived to become our ancestors Aggression begets aggression o Defensive strategies too have evolved o Ability to weigh the consequences of our actionsThis ability develops from infancy through young adulthood and is the result of the maturation of the frontal lobesAlcohol is a central nervous system depressant and in quantities will inhibit impulse control
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