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Evolutionary Psychology

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Bishop's University
PBI 141
Dr.Andrea Drumheller

Evolutionary Psychology Evolutionary Psych IV Evolved Psychological Mechanisms - The brain is an information processing machine designed by natural selection to solve adaptive problems faced by our evolutionary ancestors Effects of Physical Evolution - Bipedalism o Consequences:  Freed the hands leading to increased communication between members  Possibly helped in the selection of a mate  Increased the variety of available prey  Increased ability to spot and elude predators  Led to the evolution of ballistic movements  Sequence of movements that can’t be stopped once they are initiated  Also might have been an impetus to the development of language Evolved Psychological Mechanisms (EPMs) - Definition o Evolved cognitive structures of the mind that provided solutions to adaptive problems  The human mind can be viewed as a collection of adaptive problems to solve problems faced by our evolutionary ancestors o Narrow focus  Each mechanism evolved in answer to only one well-defined problem - Activation of EPMs o Activated by environmental stimuli or cues that recurred with sufficient frequency to constitute an adaptive problem o In the environment of evolutionary adaptiveness - Sensory Input from all senses activate EPMs o Signals the particular problem at hand and this cue will activate the EPM - Input Activates Behaviour o Works on
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