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Lecture 2: Classical Social Theories Notes + Ch.3 & 4 Book Notes from "Introduction to Sociology"

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Bishop's University
SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

Sociology Lecture 2Classical Social TheoriesFunctionalism Symbolic Interactions Conflict Theorists Feminist Theory Functionalism Believe that institutions created together as society basically work created through consensus Ex Education does what we set out to do educate people and prepare future gives equal opportunity for successSociety works because all systems work together to produce functionalist harmonious societySocial structures helps us fulfill our wants and desiresHuman society is similar to an organism when it fails to work together the system will failSociety must meet the needs of the majorityDominant from 1920s1960sFunctionalist TheoristsHerbert SpencerSurvival of the fittest justifies why only the strong should surviveSocial Darwinism draws upon Darwins idea of natural selection society is changing for the betterLaissezfaire approach opposes regulation of or interference with natural processesEmile DurkheimFounder of modern sociologyHuman action originates in the collective actionDoesnt focus on individual but societyBehavior is driven by the collective conscience how society ought to workSocial Facts are general social features that exist on their own and are independent of the individual define measure and study them in societyAnomie is a state of normlessness that results from the lack of clear goals and creates feelings of confusion that may ultimately result in higher suicide ratesDid study on suicide and found Catholics are less likely to commit suicide than Protestant because they are closer togetherMechanic solidarity small communities in older times where people dependant on each other describes early societies based on similarities and independenceOrganic Solidarity describes later societies organized around interdependence and the increasing division of labour people began to specialize
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