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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Notes + ch.5 from "Introduction to Sociology"

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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

Sociology Lecture 3 Chapter 5 TheoryProvides us with a structure plan Either Macro or Micro Theory is a lens which sociologists see their work What are the modern Social TheoriesWestern MarxismCentered around Marx and conflict More complicated Our interpretation of Marxist theoryFeminist TheoriesMicro and MacroPostStructuralismWe need to come up with something new and different Queer TheoryHow people are deemed to be deviantPost Colonial TheoryHow society was organizedAntiRacist TheoriesWestern Marxism Antonio GramsciThe powerful elite control things How does this control work and get regulatedDivergence from Marx in his analysis of how the ruling class ruledDomination physical and violent coercion Ex Violence in G8 summit fearHegemony ideological control and manipulation Very way we try to make sense in society systemic overall plan to make rules that appear to make sense things that dont make sense appear to make senseSocietys dominant ideas reflect the interests of the ruling classInvolves Consent We all buy into this and go along therefore they end up controlling usFeminist Theories Core concern for gender oppressionWomen and men should be equalMen have social power and thus an interest in maintaining their social privilege over womenDorothy Smith
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