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Sociology 101 - pt. 1 of 2 This note has the entire lecture notes and the entire textbook summarized. With this, there is no need to even attend class as you can just study off this. Also, there are online tests throughout the course and you can easily co

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Bishop's University
SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

sociology 101first halfthe textbook ravelli bruce and michelle webber 2009 exploring sociologysociologythe study of everything that people domajor areas of sociological inquirysociological theory culture how is exported how is american culture defined as the way to do thingssocialization how to become the person you areprimary secondary sourcesgroups and organization how does a university work how does it function how do leaders get pickedcrime and deviance how are criminal justice works how are some characteristics defined as criminalsocial stratification and class global stratification how are countries of the world rankedrace and ethnic relations racial profiling perceptionsex and gender how do you genders grow up differently hardwired or product of socializationreligion mass media interactionists or symbolic interactionists interested in small group interactions how are meetings organized and conducted how do leaders come to be what people do in classrooms whos getting rewarded the micro picture small frameworkfunctionalism functionalists look at society look and argue that the institutions are working they way they are intended to education health care government are all working as we intended to they see society as one large entityconflict approach argues that functionalists are wrong those who are well off do well and those are disadvantaged dont do very well middle class people design system for middle class people those who dont fit will fall behind feminists none of the other stuff matters because the disadvantage and advantages are based on gender educationgovernment all exhibit their flaws through genderCharles Wright Mills the sociological imaginationdeveloping an appreciation of how individual challenges are influenced by larger social forces Peter Bergerseeing the general in the particular think about what is familiar and see it as strange engaging your sociological imagination
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