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Sociology 101 - pt.2 of 2 This note has the entire lecture notes and the entire textbook summarized. With this, there is no need to even attend class as you can just study off this. Also, there are online tests throughout the course and you can easily com

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Bishop's University
SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

Sociology 101pt2 of 2george herbert mead stagel theoristsI the element of the self that is spontaneous creative impulsive and at times unpredictable ME helps to control the I the selfreflective part of the consciousness that thinks about how to behave Significant Others those around us whom we want approval from parents peers etcGeneralized other the attitudes viewpoints and expectations of society are internalized Roletaking process of mentally assuming the perspective of anothermeads development of SELF1 preparatory stagebirth to age 3 2 play stageages 3 to 5 3 game stage elementary school yearsprimary socialization secondary socialization symbolic interactionismlookingglass self cooley the imagination of our appearance to the other person the imagination of his judgment of that appearance some sort of selffeeling such as pride or mortificationfreuDDDDDDDDDIANelements of personality the idIthe superego the egopsychosocial development erik erikson8 stages agents of socializationfamily mass media the peer group school social institutionsfamily friendship groups educational system the media community mediainfluential agents of socialization transmit values behaviour definitions of social reality reflect social relations and socialize the audience to them media violenceconcern with imitation by children a subtler influence defining social reality as violent leads to increased acceptance of reallife violencechanges within mediatwo changes in media use increasingly a solitary activity rather than a social activitydigital divide the peer groupdevelopment of a frame of reference not based on adult authoritytempered my parental influenceschoolindividuals spend a great deal of time education institutionreligionsocialization reproduces gender race class distinction adult family and work rolesreproduction of genderrejection of biological determinism few behaviour that consistently differentiate males and femalesgender socializationparental reaction to innate differences imitation of gendered behaviour in the childs social environment media as source of gender stereotypesreproduction of race parents shape childrens learning about race and race relationschild rearing among ethnic and racial minority families ohanafam reproduction of classchildren begin at a very young age to absorb implications of class insociety alwinchange of emphasis in child rearing in north america 194090socialization for parenthoodanticipatory socialization for parenthood socialization for employmentprofessional schools eg medical teach students not onlytechnical skills but also how to behave like doctors selective recruitment from middle and upper classes phases in socialization from employment anticipatory socialization encounter phase metamorphosis stageresocializationto completely abandon previous social skills in order to adapt to new waysex military mental institutions prison social inequality social stratificationsocieties hierarchical ranking of people into social classes principles of social stratification meritocracy success can be explained through the process of hard work and ability relatively stable some social mobilityvaries in how it presents itself income vs prestige fair and just
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