Ch.7 - Manufacturing & Service Technologies

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Business Administration
BUS 304
Liz Wiebe

Chapter 7 Manufacturing and Service TechnologiesDefinitionsTechnology work processes techniques machines and actions used to transform organizational inputs into outputsCore technology work process directly related to organizations mission eg teaching in schoolNoncore technology department work process important to the organization but not directly related to its primary mission HR accounting RD marketingCore Organization Manufacturing TechnologyManufacturing FirmsoWoodwards Classification surveyed 00 manufacturing firms to learn how they were organized and found a scale to organize process by technical complexity extent of mechanization of the manufacturing processHigh complexity work performed by machines vs low where worker does workDifferent technologies require different demand and they need an appropriate structureoGroup I Smallbatch and unit productionSmall orders that meet specific needs relies a lot on human operator not mechanizedWorkforce divided into manufacturing cellsoGroup II Largebatch and mass productionLong production runs of standardized parts with output going into inventory from which orders are filled due to customers not having special needsoGroup III Continuousprocess productionEntire process mechanized with no starting and stopping with automated machines controlling the process and outcomes being predicableMost management positions needed ratios increase directtoindirect managementtototal personnelStrategy Technology and Performance review pg 250 exhibit 74oSuccess of the firm determined by profitability market share stock price and reputation and ranked on a scale of commercial success according to whether they displayed aboveaverage average or belowaverage performance on strategic objectives
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