Ch.10 - Organizational Culture and Ethical Values

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Business Administration
BUS 304
Liz Wiebe

Chapter 10 Organizational Culture and Ethical ValuesOrganizational CultureWhat Is CultureoSocial Capital goodwill quality of interactions and whether they share a common perspectiveHigh degree of social capital are based on trust mutual understanding oCulture set of values norms guiding beliefs and understandings that is shared by members of an organization and is taught to new membersUnwritten feeling of the organization that everyone participates inUsually goes unnoticed unless an implementation of new strategiesprograms go against basic norms and valuesoTwo levels of organizational culture1Visible artifacts and observable behaviours dress act symbols stories ceremonies2Underlying values assumptions beliefs thought processesoAttributes of culture evolves from a patterned set of activities carried through social interactions patterns can be used to interpret cultureEmergence and Purpose of CultureoProvides sense of identity and generates a commitment to beliefs and values that are larger than themselvesoBegins with a founder or early leader who articulates and implements particular ideas and values as a vision philosophy or business strategyoWhen ideas lead to success they become institutionalized and the culture reflects the vision and strategy of the founderoTwo critical functions of culture1Integrate members so that they know how to relate to one anotherInternal integration members develop a collective identity and know how to work together effectively
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