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University of Fraser Valley
Media and Communication Studies
MACS 110
Sherry Yu

MACS 110: Introduction to Communication Theories Prof: Sherry Yu University of the Fraser Valley Fall 2013 Term Week 2: Four Eras of Media Theory  Mass society and mass culture o Developed in 19 century at industrialization stage o Increasing popularity of mass media in 1800s o Continued popularity of movies and radio in 1920s and 1930s o New Social order o Media can control mass society o Media will subvert and disrupt easing order o Media provides elites with powerful tool for gaining and exercising economic and political power over society o Penny press in 1830s o Yellow journalism in 1890s o Contradictory as to reflect nostalgia and fear/hope for change (Ie political campaigns) o Postpositivist, Hermenuetic, Critical, Normative  Limited Effects o Mass society notions empirically tested in 1930s and 1940s o Paul Lazarsfeld o Use of postpositivist research methods o Media reinforces and strengthens existing social trends and not threaten them o Examples  TV violence doesn’t cause aggressiveness  Propaganda doesn’t easily convert people into different political views  Advertising reinforces existing need/desire to purchase products  “Fads” are superficial form of entertainment with no lasting effects o Administrative Theories  Media theories used to guide practical decisions for many organizations o Administrative Research  Research examining audiences to interpret consumer attitudes and behaviours
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