Lecture 3 Notes

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Media and Communication Studies
MACS 110
Sherry Yu

MACS 110: Introduction to Communication Theories Prof: Sherry Yu University of the Fraser Valley Fall 2013 Term Week 3: Mass society theory  Reflect fears and hopes of Western society  Negative role of media misshaping our perceptions of social world  Argue influence of media needs to be controlled Four Eras of Media Technologies  Wired Communication  Visual Communication  Fragmented Communication  Converging Communication Yellow Journalism  Two factors encouraged growth o High speed printing technology o Immigrant populations preferring light, easy reading  Examples o NY Journal American – William Randolph Hearst o NY World – Joseph Pulitzer o National Enquirer Hollywood Evolution  1895 to 1920 - The Early Cinema  1920 to 1960 – The Studio System  1965 to 1975 – Renaissance  1975 –
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